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Happy New Year 2014!

January 21, 2014

Happy New Year 2014


When starting January, there’s really only one thing to say…Happy New Year! So here’s to wishing everyone a prosperous, healthy and wonderful 2014!

Along with celebrating a new year, January is also one of the best months to talk about exfoliation, seeing as it is almost right in the middle of winter. As the cold continues to progress (for those of us in snow country) exfoliation should be one of our main concerns when it comes to our beauty routines and the needs of our clients. And, of course, along with the importance of exfoliation is the need to properly hydrate our skin. No one wants to walk around looking like they have scales! The problem with the winter months is that not only is the cold air our enemy when it comes to dryness but our houses can be too! As temperatures drop and we kick on our heaters or fireplaces, not many of us realize the effect this has on our skin. The use of both heaters and fireplaces can decrease the humidity in your homes and thus increase dryness. Exfoliation and hydration, when done properly and consistently, can help fight against winter dryness. There are several different types of exfoliation methods out there and depending on the condition of your skin and/or that of your clients plays a big role in determining which method to use. For at home uses, however, here’s a simple routine:

  • Cleanse face and remove makeup (AP’s Presept™ Skin Cleanser is great for removing makeup)
  • Use a small amount of pre-made mixture containing Saltspring® and Restore™ Hydrating Lotion. Essential Tonic™ and Restore™ can be added to the already made mixture before using depending on the consistency preferred. This mixture of Saltspring® and Restore™ will both aid in gently exfoliating the skin and hydrating it. Be careful not to get the mixture onto any open wounds or cuts.
  • After washing off the mixture, mix a small amount of Phenomen’all™ into your Restore™ lotion to add some oomph! to your hydration.

When it comes to treating your clients and concerns they may have about whole body exfoliation, there is really one answer that comes to mind…Salt Glow! For combating winter body dryness, Salt Glows are super beneficial treatments. Not only will it exfoliate dry skin, but the treatment as a whole will leave clients with smooth, glowing skin.

With a whole New Year ahead, go out there and start 2014 out strong!

Here’s a little advice: Getting new clients is a great way to increase revenue, but always remember your current clientele. Proper servicing of current clients can be like a hidden gold mine for increasing revenue!


The holidays are around the corner

November 26, 2013
Great Gift Ideas

The Holidays are just around the corner which means it’s time to start making our lists! Holidays present a great opportunity for us to sell products and services. Anyone who’s a seasoned holiday shopper should know that body treatments are an easy and great gift to give to a friend. Who wouldn’t want a Salt Glow or sugaring treatment?!
Holiday season can get a little hectic but if you’re well prepared, avoiding chaos can be easy and stress free. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind for the upcoming holidays:

  • Christmas is the season of giving but a lot of us tend to forget some pretty important people. We always shop for our close friends and family members, but what about our coworkers, employees and employers? It’s important to show your gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and even a little “Thank You” card can go a long way!
  • During the holidays, there are tons of different gift options out there so when trying to sell retail, it’s important to catch the buyer’s attention. AP has no shortage of potential beauty gifts and the benefits are amazing for every product, but sometimes, it’s not enough to just show a product. Use your creativity and make the presentation more “festive” by either tying a little ribbon around the product (think red, green and gold) or even placing them in holiday gift bags with other products. It’s amazing what putting a little thought into presentation can do!
  • Retail products are great holiday gifts, but don’t forget to include gift certificates. Gift certificates are great for holidays because not only are they easy to use but they can also help you bring in more clients. Whether it’s a client purchasing a gift for a friend, or a friend purchasing a gift for a client, it’s an opportunity to gain more clientele.
  • Marketing plays a big role in your success for the holidays. If you have any promotions, sales or gift ideas, get them out there! You can do this by either sending out an email to clients, using the power of social media or sending/handing out flyers. Whatever works for you! But remember to keep things to the point and add a little holiday flair!
  • STOCK UP!! This is such an important thing to remember as we approach the holidays. You could have all sorts of promotions and gift ideas but if you run out of product…Ouch! That’s going to hurt. Any holiday promotions or offers you implement means you’ll need to anticipate a larger volume of purchases. Plan ahead and stock up on products you expect to promote.

As part of the AP family, you know the retail. For the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday, try focusing on up selling some of your holiday gift ideas and promotions instead of just add-on treatments. Maybe even try handing out some samples for clients to give to their friends and family. The more people you reach out to…the more you’ll be able to benefit from the holidays!
So, as we get closer and closer to Christmas, use your knowledge of AP retail (and treatments!) along with a little creativity and organization to really succeed this holiday season!


Prepare for Cold Weather with Phenomen’all

October 8, 2013
Cold Weather

The seasons are changing and after a couple days of having the temperature in the low 60s, some of us are feeling the effects of the colder weather. As we delve more into the season of fall, our heaters turn on and our showers become hotter. All of these present some challenges for our skin. As if the cold, dry air isn’t problem enough, the heat from our heaters and the hot water from showers both lead to dry skin. This isn’t the most pleasant condition to deal with especially when it can make your skin scaly and cause makeup to look flaky.

The easiest way to deal with this pesky condition is hydration! Keeping skin well hydrated is the number one way to keep dryness at bay. Phenomen’all is a super hydrating lotion that works well for all skin types. A tiny drop of Phenomen’all added to body lotion or even a little to your facial moisturizer will ensure your skin receives the hydration it needs. And for those who need something stronger, just use Phenomen’all as a moisturizer all by itself. While this is ideal for combating dry skin, make sure to really massage it into the skin so that it’s absorbed well.


Marketing your Brand

September 17, 2013
October Newsletter

In the business world, marketing plays a huge role in the success of a product or business. How you market and who you target are important factors to take into account. Is your product or service geared towards certain skin types? Can anyone use your product? Is it affordable for everyone? Once you have an answer to questions such as these, you can work on marketing your product properly.

There are several things to remember when trying to market a product or service. Three of these include location, content and branding. When all three work together, marketing becomes much easier.

When creating a poster, advertisement, flyer ect, always pay attention to your content and the most important thing to remember is that you want your business name and information (telephone #, address) to be clearly visible. Posters and ads shouldn’t have too much writing. You want to catch a person’s attention quick and give them an idea of what you’re offering. A poster with a ton of writing is more likely to be passed over than one with an eye catching picture. For flyer and handouts, you can add more information since it’s something you’re actually giving to people. Still, keep it short and sweet. A little intro to your business and what you provide are important and adding information such as benefits and promotions/deals can help further interest people.

Location: Determining the right location to market depends on who exactly you’re trying to get interested. You want to make sure that your ads, posters, flyers and handouts reach their intended targets therefore you need to get informed on where the people you’re trying to reach hang out.
Branding: You don’t have to be a big name to start utilizing branding for marketing. One way to use branding to your advantage includes using your business or product logo for all your marketing materials. No matter what it is—poster, flyer, postcard, handouts—always make sure to add your logo. Other factors such as style of writing, colors used and slogans also work well for trying to brand your business.

In this day and age, the Internet is one of your best marketing tools. Millions of people can access the internet on their cellphones, computers and tablets. When it comes to the internet, having a website is a must. Here, you can utilize all of your marketing materials in one place. Your website can also help increase your “brand” awareness. In addition, the internet also lets you reach a wide variety of people by means of internet advertising.

Lastly, there’s social media. With so many websites to choose from such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, your business is presented with several opportunities. By joining a social media, not only can you extend your reach but current customers can help market your business. Whenever a satisfied customer posts about your business on any one of the social media platforms, he or she is getting the word out to their friends about your services and product. It’s free advertising!